A psychiatrist, nutritionist and nutrigenomics expert who is unrelenting about getting to the root cause of your suffering.

Data Driven, Trauma Informed Precision Medicine

Focused on: Nutrigenomics, Food, Hormones, Mental Health, and Executive Psychiatry



I’m a Columbia and Cornell trained physician, nutritionist, nutrigenomics and mental health expert dedicated to optimizing your mental health. I practice psychiatry that is personalized, comprehensive and cutting edge.

My training at Columbia and Cornell offered unprecedented traditional training and allowed me to obtain board certification in neurology and psychiatry. Sadly, significant aspects of health and emotional well being were not taught in my many years of training. I believe our field of traditional medicine and psychiatry can do better. It is my life’s passion to help you discover the root cause of your unique suffering.

As such, I’ve studied nutrition and integrative medicine for over 20 years and treated thousands of patients from all around the world. I believe what we eat, how we move and replenish ourselves have profound effects on our well being. Emotional wellbeing is the result of our genetics, lifestyle, experience and environment. What is optimal for you, is distinct from your neighbor. I use my training in traditional, functional and personalized medicine to work on the cutting edge of combining evidence based gene/environment effects to develop a unique health prescription personalized for you. We’ll use nutritional therapist methods and integrative treatments with traditional approaches to help you get your optimal emotional and physical wellbeing back. Together we’ll find the right combination of psychotherapy, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle enhancements, and/or medications to help you achieve your goals

Whatever we decide, I am unrelenting in my approach to get to the root cause of your suffering. I truly love being a psychiatrist because I value having an intimate professional relationship with you. Together we can help you feel empowered.


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  • American Nutrition Association
  • Columbia University Physician and Surgeons
  • Institute for Functional Medicine
  • Walsh Research Institute
  • Weill Cornell Medical Center, Payne Whitney
  • William Alanson White Institute Eating Disorders, Compulsions and Addictions
  • Women’s Mental Health Consortium